Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back from Seattle

On June 10th I saw Dr. Reddy at Kaiser and she was very pleased with my numbers. All remains normal. I will be stopping all oral medication at the end of the month and the next Rituxan infusion will be in August. It's working well and the latest news is there are several new monoclonal antibodies coming on the market that may prove to be even more affective than Rituxan. So all is looking well.

Anna and I got back from our vacation to Seattle a few days ago. Here's a brief look at the trip in pictures:

Stranded by MUNI at Church Street while on the way to AmTrak.

My nephew Dylan is quite the photographer. We spent a morning showing off our gear. After 22 hours on a train it was nice to spend some time with family.

The big event of the week was the high school graduation of my nephew Ethan (Dylan's brother). Anna caught me photographing Ethan as he negotiated dinner plans with his mother.

I got a shot of Anna with Dylan and Ethan. I can't tell you how proud Anna and I are of those very special young men.

Breakfast at Gilbert's with the family. I had never seen such a stack of hotcakes in my life.

Photographing Dylan's hockey practice.

A photo outing with the family on the Island. Our last day in Washington.

Until next time, stay well and be happy. - Dave