Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Dave's treatment continues . . . Rituxan infusions, weekly - he's getting infusion #3(of 6) as we speak. Plus he had 4 infusions in the months prior, for a total of 7 Rituxan infusions, so far. Neutrophils are improving slightly, but still waaaaaaay too low. He's feeling pretty good, in spite of everything. The doctor still has not responded to Dave's request for information.

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Anonymous said...

Often people don't want to answer questions because they don't know what the answer is and they are uncomfortable saying so (or confronting it themselves).

In medicine, sometimes that's because its a poor practitioner or, often I suspect, "medicine" is less a technical science of hard knowledge than it likes to pretend it 2 cents anyhow. Meanwhile, I'm glad Dave is feeling ok. Hang in there, both a yas!