Thursday, January 31, 2008

Up and At 'em

Dave has been feeling pretty good lately - his hematocrit is up to 41% this week! (That's a measure of the red blood cells - he's been low in red blood cells for at least a year, sometimes dangerously low.)

Dave had his bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday. The doc told us at that time, that based on his labwork alone, things looked good and she expected that the bone marrow biopsy would show the cancer cells in his marrow to be down to 10%. In which case, he could wait another two months before seeing her again. Today she called with the results from the biopsy. The cancer cells in Dave's bone marrow (which were 80% when he was diagnosed) are down to "less than 5%" now.

So the new plan is for Dave to get an infusion of Rituxan every two months, starting February 20th. Now, if only the DVT in his left leg would clear up, we could maybe go a week or more without visiting the hospital.


Newmark Gallery said...

This is good news. We are so happy to hear it! Sorry to hear the DVT is still not cleared up, best of luck with that. We have a friend who had a similar problem and it took some months to resolve. Our impression was that it was somewhat more desirable for the clot to not break down too quickly(?) We send you both good thoughts, prayers and best wishes.

Mark and Margaret

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear the good news!

Here's hoping the DVT clears up soon.


Beth, Mats & Mora

Anonymous said...

I'm envious. After my treatment, my CLL was 'down' to 19%. I relapsed a couple of months later.

He has been given a gift, not given to all.