Thursday, February 21, 2008

Maintenance Mode

Dave had an infusion of Rituxan yesterday, and got his bloods drawn just prior to the infusion. So we didn't get the results until today. (The infusion went fine - he had a little sinus congestion, but nothing else.) His Hematocrit was down a bit, which has Dave a little worried, and disappointed.

Dave's leg is better than it was, but still nowhere near healed. And he's having a recurrence of the mysterious skin problems which seem to plague many CLL patients, and which every medical person dismisses.

Next appointment (for a doctor visit and blood tests) is about a month from now.


Andy said...

Dave's beard is almost as white as mine. I've taken to "shearing" it much shorter recently, and it makes me look a little younger.

Beatrice M said...

Kragen just came into the bedroom and told me about Dave's illness. Wow. I'm sorry I've been so out of touch and that you all are going through this. I've subscribed to the RSS feed so that I can keep uptodate with any further posts. My heart goes out to you both and you are in my thoughts. Hugs from down under!!