Friday, August 15, 2008

Minor Setback

Today's ultrasound showed that the clot in Dave's left leg has grown a bit, down into the Popliteal vein, so he has to restart the Arixtra (anticoagulant) injections, and Coumadin pills, and every-few-days blood draws. Then get another ultrasound in six months.


rcjacobs said...

Dave, I know you do not like to talk much, so I will just tell you that even though I only volunteer a few hours a week I was very sorry to hear of your illness and I think you (and Anna) have a great deal of inner strength and you will get better, my hope is you will be cured. With all best wishes, Ruth

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

You might like to have a look here for a very different approach to fighting CLL:

Cheers & blessings

Hessel Baartse