Monday, December 8, 2008

Kaiser Scores Some Points

Anna and I spent the morning at Kaiser. I was scheduled for a Rituxin infusion at 9:15 am. We arrived early hoping to get things rolling so we could get out of there at a reasonable time. Anticipating the usual slow start, back up in the pharmacy and paperwork screw-ups, I was really surprised to be in a chair and sucking up monoclonal antibodies by 9:05. At 11:45 am we were heading out the door. Amazing! That was a first. I have to give all the nurses credit; regardless of all the chaos and goof ups, they are all caring and quick to correct any problem, and always conscious of the fact the patient has a life and wants to get on with it as soon as possible. Kaiser scored some points today, thanks Ellie.

Photo: ©2008 Anna Conti


Anonymous said...

Glad it went smoothly - hopefully you were able to put the unanticipated "extra" time to pleasant use, too!

John said...

Excellent. Most times you hear horror stories about our health care system. So once in awhile it's good to hear about positive experiences.

palmer saylor III said...

Stopped in to say hi and was taken back, then relieved. David, Glad to hear you are doing fine. I'll keep you in my thougts and meditations. Hope you and Anna are doing well. I will continue to surf the site....drop me an email sometime. You guys take.

Happy Holidays,

palmer saylor III said...

typo in the last line...looked kinda funny. "you guys take care!"


Anonymous said...

When I was with Kaiser, they wouldn't offer rituximab, so I left the program. They also didn't support clinical trials, two of which I've been on.