Sunday, March 29, 2009

Keeping Busy

CLL speaking, everything is going very well. My Rituxin infusions are down to four a year now. So I have two more this year and we will reassess in January. The idea of ending the Rituxin treatments is a bit scary right now, but if there is a chance of building a resistance to it over the long term, it would make more sense to save it for when the CLL cells start growing. We'll make those decisions when the time comes.

Anna and I have been keeping a hectic social calendar lately: museums and gallery shows, dinners, a lot of hanging out with the photographers and artists of the Blow-Up! group, family visits. You can check it all out on Facebook.

The photo above is from an evening at Noc Noc, on Haight Street. A bunch of Blow-Up! members got together to wish Bon Voyage to fellow member Tony Remington. Tony is in the Philippines working on a project on poverty and relief efforts.

Photo: ©2009 David W. Sumner

Caio for now.

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