Saturday, October 2, 2010

More and More

It seems as if each year is busier than the last. That's very good in a way: I have the energy to keep up and I actually add items to our calendar.

After quite a few years of constantly feeling run down and so out of shape, it's amazing to be able leave the office after a day of work and head downtown, meet a group of friends, go gallery hopping, then out to dinner and enjoy long debates and discussions about art and photography and publishing.

When I do find myself slowing down it's because I've spent so much time on my feet and my aging joints are screaming. I enjoy walking and I've been walking so much in the last year my feet and knees are really showing the signs of taking a beating. I've also put new street tires on my bike, but biking actually helps my knees.

The nature of my job is such that my mind is seldom far from thoughts of my own work. I'm able to devote more and more time to my photography, which is consuming more and more of my entire being, which is just fine with me.

It's been three years since I ended the chemo treatment and almost a year since my last Rituxan infusion. My numbers remain good and are fluctuating well within the range of normal. I saw my doctor last month and he said that after my next visit in March of next year we will probably schedule the next two visits eights months apart then go to once a year.

The goal now is to achieve that once a year schedule.

Photo: ©2010 David W. Sumner

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Anonymous said...

It's also emblematic of how far you've come that even blog-oriented friends (like me) didn't catch this latest post for weeks and weeks! Sending warm thoughts to you and Anna.