Sunday, December 2, 2012

Treatment done, for another 5 years?

Dave finished 6 rounds of chemo (Dexamethasone, Treanda, and Rituxan) in November and his hematologist/oncologist said he should be good for another 5 years. That first dose, in June, was a doozy - with a severe "shake 'n bake" reaction, followed by a pneumonia that landed him in the hospital. But since then, he tolerated this regimen much better than the Fudarabine/Mitoxantrone that he got back 2007.

We're hearing some very exciting news about new therapies in clinical trials and hope to get more details at the annual Emerging Therapies conference, in San Francisco, in February.

And I just want to say that having treatment at the Bryan Hemming Cancer Care Center was an extraordinary experience. It's beautiful, comfortable; and it feels safe, calm, and professional. The nurses were wonderful, but then we've always been impressed with the nurses, no matter where Dave has been treated. But this facility was better than valium for soothing anxieties and letting the nurses do their best work.

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