Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Seventeen Month checkup

Eight years since diagnosis and seventeen months on Imbruvica.

Dave is still on Imbruvica and it's still working. Blood work today showed normal range for red blood cells & lymphocytes and no palpated nodes. 

Side effects (from the disease or the treatment?) are increasingly a problem:

Peripheral neuropathy is worse. Dave frequently drops things and needs help opening jars & packages. 

Constant infections are a problem. Skin lesions on hands, feet & face never go away. Respiratory infections and mouth lesions have been severe for the last two months. The hematologist-oncologist is considering Acyclovir & Immunoglobulin infusions.

Fatigue is an ongoing issue - he's usually shot by noon, and is unable to walk more than a quarter mile without rest, and a mile, total, per day. 

But it could always be worse and, all things considered, he's enjoying life. 

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