Friday, May 18, 2007

Dave has leukemia

Dave was diagnosed yesterday with acute leukemia (exact type is still pending.) I'll know more about the prognosis, etc on Monday, but it's not good. He's already receiving chemo and he'll be in the hospital for a month. If he makes it through this first round, he'll be in for several more. He's coping fairly well, considering. He's not in too much pain, and what pain he does have is from the hospital procedures, rather than the disease itself. He's got the usual chemo discomforts, and I expect that those will increase in the coming weeks. He can't have flowers or uncooked fruits or vegetables. His appetite is rapidly vanishing. He wants to be taking photos, but we haven't figured out (yet) how to do that in the hospital. His visitors are extremely restricted because of the severe risk of infection. I'll be contacting everyone again next week about how he's doing and if/when/where people can visit.

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pamorama said...

Hi Dave and Anna,
Just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you day and night and sending energy towards your healing. We love you dearly and are here in any way you need us. We need you back on your feet so you can do that Point Reyes hike with us soon.
Love and hugs,
Pam and John