Thursday, May 24, 2007

Second Day on the Level

Dave was still wired this morning and after breakfast he went out to Costco with Susan and me, to look for a giant bottle of alcohol hand sanitizer (which we never found.)

Then it was on over to his second day of IV chemo this afternoon. This time Susan & I stayed out in the waiting room while Dave went in by himself. He was able to chat and compare notes with the other guys getting chemo, as they sat in their recliners. He almost seemed to enjoy it and when he left he was anxious to get over to the garage to shoot some photos from the roof.

He was slowing down a bit by the time we got home and about mid-way through dinner he finally bonked. He barely made it to bed before dropping off to sleep.

He's been having increasing episodes of hiccups, which are causing him some distress, but no nausea so far.

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