Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Quick Update from Dave

This is Dave, dictating from the easy chair:

I consider today's clinic visit a victory. My doctor straightened out the medication issue with a hand-written prescription to the pharmacist. She was as upset with the situation as we were. While yesterday's blood tests showed that my anemia is a bit worse, I actually feel better than I have in months. While the anemia is a concern, my doctor is taking extraordinary steps to get to the bottom of this issue and remedy it. I do have confidence in my doctor and today Anna expressed the same. It is this HMO system that we really have to work like a dog. We're figuring it out as we go, and it's good to know we have the doctor's full support. I continue to go to work regularly. I'm still photographing. At worst, I just have to take things a lot slower.

It doesn't take much to elevate the stress level. And I suspect it will remain that way until I'm through this round of treatment, which will end in October. Anna seems to feel the stress sooner and more intensely than I do. I think all her years as a nurse have skewed her perspective. Which is understandable, but sometimes too much information can increase anxiety. For example, I once met a guy who worked on the construction of BART's Transbay Tube. To this day, he refuses to ride BART. Now, do I really need to know that? So I am really working at ways to reduce Anna's stress and anxiety.

The bottom line is - things are going pretty darn well. And though there will be frightening moments, the future is looking bright.

Warmest regards,


John W. Wall said...

Dammit, Dave, why did you tell me that about BART?!

Janet & Stu said...

I was smiling and feeling real good until "the future is looking bright" and I came up short. Who are you and what have you done with my favorite curmugeon?!
Seriously - yes, it is, and we look forward to many movie nights, at your own pace.