Monday, July 16, 2007

Three Little Pills

(So, you might be wondering what happened with the Famciclovir prescription? Long story. I'll spare you details, but we managed to squeeze THREE PILLS out of them - enough to give Dave his regular doses for today and tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon the doctor has to justify the use of this drug with the HMO, before they will agree to cover any more of it ( the HMO would prefer that she choose something cheaper.)

I've spent about 40,000 hours in hospitals - mostly as a nurse, but also as a patient and as friend/family of patients. And the most important piece of advice I can give anyone who needs to enter a hospital (inpatient or outpatient) is this:

Do not ever, ever cross the threshold of a hospital entrance, unless you have a buddy with you.

It's a dangerous, mind-bending universe unto itself. Trust me - you will need help.

(Image: "Modern Master Dissipation" by Andy Diaz Hope - made of an archival photo, cut & stuffed into gel capsules - see it at Catherine Clark Gallery in SF.)

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