Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Brave New World of Cancer Therapy

(Actually, these are AmoxKClav - the Ibrutinib hasn't arrived yet.)

This morning we were awakened by a phone call from a pharmacist, who wanted to discuss the side effects, scheduling, lab testing and so on, for Dave’s new oral cancer therapy, Ibrutinib. He put it on speakerphone and I took notes. We both asked questions. It was the usual pre-chemo talk, except this time we were laying in bed, instead of sitting in plastic chairs after a 60minute bus ride. 

(An excellent development for someone whose main complaint is fatigue and shortness of breath. And whose immune system is so shot, a handshake is more feared than welcomed.)

Now we await the Fed Ex delivery of the drugs - I just tracked it online and it’s on a truck, somewhere between South San Francisco and here. Should be here by noon.

We can even do the most frequent blood testing at home, if we can get the system set up: http://www.ptinr.com/home-inr-monitoring/how-does-home-inr-monitoring-work

Wow, some things *are* getting better.

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