Monday, November 10, 2014

Help is on the Way

Today is a huge step forward. I received word that my prescription for Ibrutinib has been approved and a month’s supply is being shipped overnight. I should be able to start taking it Wednesday morning.

Ibrutinib is extremely expensive ($100 per tablet.) The standard co-pay through my insurance is $1000 per month. But because of the super human efforts of the professionals at Pacific Hematology Oncology Associates at CPMC, specifically Dr. Tuan and especially Pharmacy Technician, Lori Heggli Rand, my co-pay was reduced to $10 per month.

For me at this stage in the development of my CLL, Ibrutinib is the difference between life and death. Ibrutinib was approved for treating CLL only 8 months ago. It hasn’t been in use long enough to know if it will be the last course of treatment I will need. It may be effective indefinitely, we don’t know. There are newer therapies currently in trial phases that may prove more effective and a permanent solution. We will know in 3 years or maybe sooner.

Ibrutinib won’t restore my damaged immune system to a healthy state, but it will suppress the cancer as long as I take 3 tablets every day for the rest of my life.

So all looks promising for now and the most I can hope for right now and, for me that is indeed huge.

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Stephen Gorski said...

Great news, Dave! Glad you were fortunate to have advocates for you. Take care! Hugs, Steve