Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween at the Clinic

Dave & I were standing at the corner of 9th & Judah this morning, waiting for a bus to the hospital, when I looked over and saw . . . I wasn't sure what it was at first . . . a view through an apartment window, of a TV screen so enormous a small section of it filled the window. Expanded entertainment with the morning commute.

Anyway, it was the usual whole day in the infusion clinic. Dave got blood and Rituxan, tolerated them both with no problems, but the Benadryl (pre-med) has him pretty zonked out.

Plans for the immediate future: Reduce the Prednisone even more. Check the Hematocrit again in a week, get more blood then if necessary. Try again in two weeks to get the Fludarabine & Mitoxantrone.

No one at the hospital has anything useful to say about Dave's skin problems. We're figuring it out on our own.

Be careful out there tonight!

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