Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Dave has been hoping this would be his last regularly scheduled week of chemo, but it's been postponed, due to low neutrophil counts. The doc also said that the Fludarabine has not been working as well as she'd hoped, but that it was doing 70% of the job. The new plan is to do one last round with Fludarabine next week, then continue with Rituxan for an undetermined number of months. He might need another transfusion before the Fludarabine - we'll find next Monday when he gets his blood drawn again.

We asked about the upcoming trip to Los Angeles, which Dave has really been looking forward to. . . it's only three weeks away. She said he could come in for another transfusion right before we left, so that he he'll have enough energy to leave the hotel room.

But first he has to get past the next chemo session and its aftermath, which could be rough. We'll just have to wait and see how it goes. He's been having some gastric problems, so she ordered a new drug - Pepcid. And she reduced his Prednisone again.

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Anonymous said...

Just hang in there and keep focused on the Great L.A. Art Trip....