Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Postponed Again

Dave's doctor told him today that she wants to postpone the sixth (and final) infusion of Fludarabine once again. She said his white count was still too low.

I was happy to hear the news, since a.) the Fludarabine does very nasty things to Dave while it's killing those cancer cells, and b.) he's still not completely recovered from the last dose (which was mid-September.) Plus, in looking at his bloodwork this morning, I thought I could see a glimmer of hope that maybe his bone marrow was starting to recover.

But Dave saw it differently and took the news pretty hard. He's been dreading this last dose, because of how sick it made him the last time, and he just wants it to be over with. Every week that it gets postponed, the apprehension increases.

So we're going out for Mexican food tonight. It's been months since Dave could tolerate his favorite foods (the chemo strips his stomach lining so things like tomatoes and hot peppers hurt too much to eat, plus he can't taste much.) Now it's been long enough, since that last chemo, that he figures he can try some tamales. So we're going to L'Avenida.

(Image is a plate of tamales and nopales tunas, made here at home a while back.)

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namastenancy said...

I hope that Dave enjoyed his meal and that the ordeal of chemo will help him recover. Both of you are in my thoughts and my prayers.