Thursday, October 4, 2007

Love Those Red Blood Cells

Jeeze, it's been a tough week, but things are looking a little brighter this evening.

Dave was still pretty weak this morning. I did a few "tests" with him: checking his pulse before & after certain activities to see if his cardiac recovery time was adequate - and it was, although his resting rate is still significantly elevated, compared to a few months ago. And he tried walking four blocks to see if he could tolerate it - which he could, but just barely. He was out of bed all day, which is an improvement, but he's still very pale and his lips are blue.

We contacted his doctor and they had him come in for another blood draw. And shortly after the blood draw, we got a call from the clinic telling him to come in tomorrow morning for more blood.

The best news is the lab results from today:
WBC 0.5 (about the same)
RBC 1.84
Hgb 6.2
Hct 17.8 (better, but not good enough)
Platelets 110 (low, but much better - I had told him that "Anna's Rule" is that he could not ride public transportation with a platelet count under 100)
Neutrophils 23% (wow! way better!)
Lymphocytes 76% (lower than before)

Anyway, we have a ride to the clinic set up for tomorrow morning, so by Saturday he should be feeling a lot better.

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Anonymous said...

yeesh. Sounds like its been a rough week for both of you and a real symptom control battle for Dave. Big hugs to both of you AND please be aware that Stu is now officially unemployed so available to be part of the transport pool if/when it will help.